Why use the Visit Baltimore Housing Bureau to make your hotel reservations?
∙ Guaranteed Service - The Visit Baltimore Housing Bureau serves as an agent on your behalf to help ensure that you receive the quality of service your hotel promises to deliver. 
∙ Lowest Available Rate – You will not find a better guaranteed rate at the selected hotels than that offered as the AAI rate.
∙ Reservation Protection – Have you ever arrived at your destination hotel only to learn that it has been over-booked and your "reserved" room is not available? In the unlikely event this were to happen with your Visit Baltimore Housing Bureau reservation, you will be compensated for your room and promptly placed in another hotel of like standard. And with all reservations, Visit Baltimore will take care of all the details, including billing or any other issue that may arise.  
∙ Accurate Reporting - Filling a room block is important to AAI because it provides a “report card” of the meeting. By establishing a record of consistently filling our room block at the meeting, AAI can negotiate more competitive room rates and larger room blocks in subsequent meeting cities -- helping keep the AAI Meeting affordable for attendees year in and year out. 

In addition, AAI staff members have personally visited each of the hotels in our housing block to help ensure quality and competitive rates -- as well as the safety and convenience of our attendees.

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